Brent Meng

Managing Director

Brent Meng, LeadingMec’s Managing Director, ensures the company’s success by overseeing operations and achieving organisational goals. Navigating the interface between the company and stakeholders, he guarantees services are consistently delivered with quality and ethical practices. With over a decade in education and migration, Brent brings extensive knowledge, specialising in various visa categories. His advice ensures projects adhere to best practices, yielding optimal outcomes and client satisfaction. Known for his proficiency and dedication, Brent’s leadership ensures LeadingMec excels in providing top-notch immigration assistance and advice, upholding a commitment to excellence.


Cissg Chen

Office Manager
Qualified Education Counsellor

Registered Migration Agent (MARN 2117157)

Qualified Education Counsellor (QEAC No. S108)

Cissg, a distinguished professional at LeadingMec, serving as a Registered Migration Agent and Qualified Education Counsellor. As an excellent graduate of the University of Technology Sydney’s immigration law program, she possesses a profound understanding of immigration law, policy intricacies, and the evolving landscape since 2016. Integrating theoretical knowledge with practical application, Cissg ensures each client receives comprehensive guidance. As the primary overseer of visa applications, she adeptly navigates migration complexities, actively contributing to policy updates and supervising all immigration advice from the team. Cissg’s unwavering commitment to industry standards guarantees LeadingMec’s consistent delivery of the highest-quality services, solidifying her role as a trusted expert in the field.

Bing Bai

Migration and Education Consultant

Qualified Education Counsellor (QEAC No. O922)

Bing Bai brings a unique blend of personal experience and professional expertise to LeadingMec. Immigrating to Australia several years ago, she holds a prestigious medical master’s degree from Beijing. As a dedicated Registered Education Consultant, Bing crucially assists students in navigating Australia’s education system, enriched by her immigrant journey. Her deep understanding of Australian education and migration processes allows Bing to excel in providing comprehensive and tailored guidance to students seeking educational opportunities in Australia.

Pham Minh Tuan Vu (Tony)

Sales Analyst

Tony Vu, a Sales Analyst at LeadingMec, holds a master’s degree in international relations from the University of Melbourne. Proficient in multiple languages, he excelled in the PTE exam. As a former international student, Tony understands the challenges and opportunities faced by international students, leveraging his global perspective from his academic background. Previously working as a Marketing Coordinator in Melbourne, Australia, Tony applies his effective communication and strategic planning skills to oversee competitive analysis and forecasting. Dedicated to seamless interactions, Tony’s linguistic proficiency and multicultural background uniquely equip him for effective communication and relationship-building with clients from diverse linguistic and cultural backgrounds.

Qing Yang (Jack)

Migration and Education Consultant

Jack Yang, a distinguished Migration and Education Consultant at LeadingMec, holds a master’s degree in engineering from the University of Adelaide. With a specialised focus on skilled migration and Australian education system, Jack has amassed a wealth of successful cases that showcase his expertise. His personal experience, combined with his academic background and local knowledge, allows him to provide comprehensive and tailored advice to young clients seeking to navigate the complexities of immigration and study abroad. Jack is dedicated to ensuring a smooth and informed decision-making process for each client.

Kiki Chen

Migration and Education Consultant

Kiki, a Consultant at LeadingMec and a UniSA graduate, specialises in skilled migration visas. Renowned for her strong social skills, Kiki has cultivated a robust network within the international student community in Adelaide. Her patient demeanor and quick learning abilities ensure that clients not only receive accurate information but also benefit from thoughtful guidance throughout the entire migration process.

Sophia Ji

Marketing Officer

Sophia Ji, Marketing Officer at LeadingMec, holding an outstanding academic background in marketing from the University of South Australia, accompanied by a wealth of experience in market research and branding. In her pivotal role, Sophia oversees marketing across diverse regions. Her strategic approach ensures LeadingMec’s brand gains recognition and effective positioning in target markets. Beyond routine tasks, Sophia actively supports consultants and case processing team, offering creative insights for impactful marketing campaigns. As a responsible professional, she aligns marketing efforts with company goals. Her strategic expertise and creative flair guarantee impactful marketing strategies, driving organisational success.

Ryan Wang

Case Processing Assistant

Ryan, an accomplished Case Processing Assistant at LeadingMec, holds a master’s degree in project management from The University of Sydney. With prior experience in a multinational enterprise‘s headquarter in Shanghai, Ryan possesses a robust foundation in business operations and strategic planning. Diligent and conscientious, under the guidance of Cissg, he excels in organising and submitting various documents, ensuring that each case is processed with precision and attention to detail.

Rui Dou

Migration and Education Consultant

Rui Dou, the meticulous Migration and Education Consultant at LeadingMec, specialises in education consulting, student guardian, family visa, and child visas. With keen attention to detail and a commitment to accuracy, Rui plays a crucial role in maintaining precise and integrity-driven visa and education processes. Her dedication to excellence ensures optimal outcomes for clients seeking migration and education solutions.


Recruitment Consultant

Nath excels as an HR Officer and Recruitment Consultant at LeadingMec, showcasing expertise in administrative management. His meticulous attention and dedication guarantee streamlined administrative operations, cultivating a positive workplace environment. Functioning as a Recruitment Consultant, Nath utilises his HR knowledge to address human resources requirements. His proficiency in the recruitment process enables the identification and onboarding of skilled professionals. With professionalism and strong interpersonal skills, Nath adeptly manages HR matters, ensuring a harmonious work atmosphere.

TK Yao (Jeremy)

Migration and Education Consultant

Jeremy, a Migration and Education Consultant at LeadingMec, boasts a rich background in migration and education consultancy. With profound insights into the challenges and aspirations of students and migrants, his extended stay in Adelaide provides him with a deep understanding of local culture, education system and migration landscape. One of Jeremy’s outstanding advantages is his extensive network and professional connections, allows him to create opportunities for his clients and stay abreast of the latest trends and opportunities in the migration and education industry.