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List of Australian Universities


Australia is home to 43 universities with at least one university main campus based in each state or territory. The Australian universities location map shows university campuses across major Australian locations. Most universities have more than one campus and are located across...

Bringing your children to Australia


The requirements for enrolling students and school fees vary across Australian states and territories, and across schools. Following is a summary of the fee arrangements for public schools in each of Australia’s states and territories, along with links to the relevant websites...

Scholarships to study in Australia


here are many scholarships, grants, and bursaries which can help support you financially with your studies in Australia. They are offered by the Australian Government, education providers, and a number of other public and private organisations.

Postgraduate studies


Australian universities offer a range of postgraduate study options. They can be a great way to fast-track your career or take your studies in a new direction. Here’s a list of postgraduate options at Australian universities.

Research opportunities


Australian universities host many researchers from other countries. These global research partnerships are making significant contributions to some of the biggest challenges of our time.

Higher education qualifications


Higher education courses can be taken to earn an advanced degree and continue your studies in Australia. There are three main types of higher education which lead to Bachelor, Master and Doctoral Degrees.