This visa allows you to play, coach, instruct or adjudicate for an Australian team, or do high level sports training with a sporting organisation. You and your family can stay in Australia for up to 2 years.

You must

– Have a sponsor or supporter

– Have a contract and a letter of support from a peak sporting body

– Not work outside your specified sporting activities

With this visa

you can

– Take part in a structured sports training program at the national or international level

– Play for, coach, instruct or adjudicate for an Australian sporting team or sporting organisation for a season

– Travel to and from Australia as many times as you want while your visa is valid

– Include members of the family unit in your application\

You can’t do any work other than the approved sporting activity.

If you are coming to Australia as a member of an overseas sports team, you could apply for a Temporary Activity visa (subclass 408) Invited for Other Social and Cultural Activity.

How long you can stay

This is a temporary visa. The Home Affairs grant the length of stay based on the activity they approve you to do on the visa.

If you are a sportsperson participating at local or regional competitions, then you will normally be expected to depart Australia at the end of the sporting season. The maximum stay for this visa stream is 2 years. 

The visa is granted with multiple entry. You can leave and re-enter Australia as many times as you want while the visa is valid.

If you are overseas when the visa is granted, the visa stay period starts on the day that you enter Australia. If you are in Australia, the visa starts on the day that it is granted.

Your visa grant letter will tell you how long you can stay.

Stay longer

You can’t stay in Australia longer by extending this visa. Explore your visa options.

Include family

You can:

– Include members of the family unit in your application when you apply, or

– Add family members to your application at any time before they make a decision

Family members who apply for the visa with you must also meet the health and character requirements. 

Subsequent entrants

If the Home Affairs grant you the visa, your family members might be able to apply to join you in Australia later as a subsequent entrant.


The visa costs AUD310 for the main applicant.

There is also a charge for each family member who applies for the visa with you.

You might also have to pay other costs for health checks, police certificates and biometrics.

To work out what your visa will cost use the Visa Pricing Estimator. The estimator does not take into account the other costs.

Apply from

You can be in or outside Australia, but not in immigration clearance, when you apply for the visa and when the Home Affairs decide on your application.

Processing times

Your application might take longer to process if:

– You don’t fill it in correctly

– You don’t include all the documents the Home Affairs need, or they need more information from you

– It takes us time to verify your information

The Home Affairs can’t process your application if you don’t pay the correct visa application charge. They will notify you if this is the case and if necessary return your application.

Your obligations

You and your family must meet all visa conditions and follow Australian laws.

Your activities must not harm the work, training or job conditions of Australian citizens or permanent residents.

If your sponsor, supporting organisation or individual stops your activity or employment, you must do one of the following:

– If eligible, apply for a new visa

– Leave Australia within 28 days of stopping work for your sponsor/supporter, or before your visa expires if that happens sooner


You can travel outside Australia and return as many times as you want while the visa is valid.

The time you spend outside Australia does not extend the visa.

Visa label

The Home Affairs will digitally link your visa to your passport. You will not get a label in your passport.

If the Home Affairs grant you a visa, the Home Affairs will send you a grant notification letter containing the visa grant number. You can use this number to access your digital visa record.

Have a supporter or sponsor

You need a supportyer

– Apply outside Australia, and

– Intend to stay in Australia for less than 3 months

However, you must have a supporter who passes the support test to apply for this visa. 

You need a sponsor

You need a sponsor who is a temporary activities sponsor to apply for this visa if you:

– Apply in Australia, or

– Apply outside Australia and intend to stay in Australia for more than 3 months

Be an eligible sports trainee, elite player, coach, instructor or adjudicator

Apply as a sports trainee

You must:

– Be able to show you currently compete or adjudicate at the Australian national level (or equivalent), or

– Be endorsed by a relevant peak sporting body as having the potential to compete or adjudicate at the Australian national level (or equivalent)

Apply as an elite player, coach, instructor or adjudicator

You must have an established reputation in your sporting field if you apply as:

– An elite player

– A coach

– An instructor

– An adjudicator

You must be endorsed by an Australian national sporting body as being able to play, coach, instruct or adjudicate the sport at a national level

Take part in full-time structured sports training, if applicable

You must be undertaking full-time, structured sports training aimed at achieving a high performance outcome with an internationally recognised sports training organisation if you apply for this visa as a sports trainee.

Have a suitable formal agreement, if applicable

You must have a suitable formal agreement with your sporting club or sporting organisation in Australia if you apply for this visa as:

– An elite player

– A coach

– An instructor

– An adjudicator

Be able to support yourself and any dependents

You must have access to enough money during your stay in Australia to support yourself and any dependent family members who travel with you.

Meet health requirement

You and any family members who apply for the visa with you must meet the health requirement.

Meet character requirement

You and family members aged 16 years and over who apply for the visa with you must meet the character requirement.

The Home Affairs might also ask that other family members meet the requirement.

Have adequate health insurance

You are personally liable for all your healthcare costs while you are in Australia. Medical insurance helps limit your financial liability.

You must have adequate health cover for the whole of your stay to be granted this visa. Your cover should cover you for medically necessary treatment, including transport.

Reciprocal healthcare agreements

Some countries have a reciprocal healthcare agreement with Australia. Find out more from Services Australia about reciprocal healthcare agreements.

Be a genuine temporary entrant

You can’t use the temporary visa program to maintain ongoing residency in Australia.

The genuine temporary entrant (GTE) requirement helps us to make sure that you use temporary visas correctly.

The Home Affairs generally do not let temporary residents extend their stay in Australia beyond 4 years by applying for this visa.

The Home Affairs must be satisfied that you have a genuine intention to stay here temporarily.

When assessing your application, they will consider:

– your situation

– your immigration history

– previous compliance with visa conditions

– any other relevant matter

Have paid back debt to the Australian Government

If you owe the Australian Government money, you must have paid it back or have a formal arrangement to pay it back.

Sign the Australian values statement

If you are 18 years of age or older, you must acknowledge the Australian Values Statement that confirms you will respect the Australian way of life and obey Australian laws when you apply for the visa.?

Declare you have not paid for visa sponsorship

You must declare whether you have ever engaged in conduct that could constitute a breach of the prohibition on paying for visa sponsorship when you apply for the visa.

Not have had a visa cancelled or a previous application refused

You might not be eligible for this visa if you have had a visa cancelled or refused while you were in Australia.