A study tour is a perfect option for you if you are a student at primary, secondary or high school level and want to experience the Australian education system. Our study tours are specifically designed to serve different purposes, such as learning the Australian curriculum with the local students in public and private schools, improving English skills in English specialized schools, or combining learning and sightseeing.

Learning with local students

A study tour is typically from two weeks to four weeks and there are two options:

–  Learning in a government school

–  Learning in a non-government school

All of these programs are designed with extra-curriculum activities to help students understand and engage with social and cultural activities in Australia. Depending on different needs, these study tours can be customized to suit different participants.

Studying English with local teachers

An English study tour is designed for international students who would like to improve their English. If choosing this program, students will learn English in accredited English language academies. They will be taught by the local teachers and engage in various activities to improve their skills. There will be various extra-curriculum activities so that students can visit places of interest and improve their communication skills.

Staying with local residents

Typical accommodation for students is often organized as homestay arrangement, where students stay with local Australian residents. This allows maximum opportunities to socialize with the local people and engage in the local Australian activities.

Visiting historical and famous landmarks

During our study tours, students will visit famous landmarks, depending on different locations. Students will participate in guided tours to learn more about Australia’s famous places.

These are some study tour programs offered by the Australian schools in different states:


Please contact us to get more information about these study tours or to arrange customized tours to suit your needs.