Client S is from Solomon Islands and wants to start a new life in Australia with his family. When first contacting us, he was already 40 years old without the IELTS score. When we accepted his case, we devised a four-stage migration plan for him. The first stage was to obtain the student visa. In this stage, the focus was how to use his working experience get an offer from a legitimate school. Also, the course needed to be in the State Skill Migration List for him to apply permanent residency later. 

Based on our assessment, we decided to use his working experience as the major element in his GTE (General Temporary Entry ) letter to help him to apply Certificate 3 and 4 in Hospitality. The application was successful and he was granted a two-year student visa [subclass 500]. The second stage was to help him to find a job, because he is the breadwinner of  his family. Therefore, if he could have a job that is relevant to the course and also on the skill migration list, it would help him relieve some financial burden. Additionally,  it would be more likely for him to continue working after he graduate and get enough working experience to fulfil the skill migration requirements after.

Currently, the client has already graduated and we have helped him apply for the working visa [subclass 485]. He is working full-time now, which is stage 3 for his migration process. After he satisfies the working requirements and obtains his skill assessment, we will support him and his family to apply for  permanent residency. 

This case demonstrated how dedicate our team is in supporting our clients, regardless of their backgrounds.