This visa is for family members of subclass 457 and TSS visa holders who are applying separately for their TSS visa and wish to join the primary subclass 457 or TSS visa holder in Australia.

You must

Be a partner or dependent of a subclass 482 or 457 visa holder

About this visa

Usually you apply for your visa at the same time and combined with the visa application of the main applicant. In some instances, this may not be possible. This may occur where the composition of the family changes after:

– The main applicant has already submitted their application for a TSS visa and it is still pending a decision

– A subclass 457 or TSS visa has already been granted to the primary TSS visa applicant

When this occurs and you want to join the primary applicant on their visa, you must apply separately by submitting a visa application in you own right. This is known as subsequent entrant.

When you submit your visa application for a subsequent entrant, you are required to attach a written letter from the sponsor extending their sponsorship obligation to include you as a family member in the nomination.

This requirement is intended to ensure the primary applicantís employer is aware of all the family members to whom their sponsorship obligations will extend.

Discuss this matter with the sponsor in the first instance before lodging your subsequent entrant visa application.

With this visa

You can

– Live and work in Australia

– Study (you wonít receive government assistance)

– Travel to and from Australia as many times as you want while the visa is valid

– If eligible, apply for permanent residence

Your visa will come with conditions attached to it. To see your conditions refer to your visa grant letter or use VEVO.


Primary visa holder holds a TSS visa

The visa application charge for a subsequent entrant application will be calculated based on the stream in which the primary visa was granted (that is, a short-term, medium-term or labour agreement stream).

Primary visa holder holds a subclass 457 visa

In cases where a primary visa holder holds a subclass 457 visa, and not a TSS visa, the visa application charge for subsequent entrant applications is calculated as per regulation 1240(2)(a)(ii) ñ “for any other applicant”, with the charges being as follows as at 1 July 2018:

– Base application charge – AUD2,645

– Additional applicant charge for applicants 18 and over – AUD2,645

– Additional applicant charge for applicants under 18 – AUD660

Note: if the sole applicant on a subsequent entrant application is under 18 years of age, they will be charged the base application charge and not the additional applicant charge.

You might also have to pay other costs for health checks, police certificates and biometrics.

To work out what your visa will cost use the Visa pricing estimator The estimator does not take into account the other costs.

How long you can stay

This is a temporary visa. You can stay in Australia for as long as your visa is valid.

Stay longer

If your visa is expiring and the primary visa holder wants stay in Australia to work for their existing employer:

– The employer will need to submit a new nomination

– You must apply for a new visa

The primary applicantís employer could also sponsor the main applicant for permanent residence through the:

– Employer Nomination Scheme (subclass 186)

– Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme (subclass 187)

The primary applicant might be eligible for other skilled work visas. Use the visa finder to find out options for work. 

Include other family members

Family members who can apply for this visa are those who are members of the family unit of the primary subclass 457 or TSS visa holder.

Family members who apply for the visa must meet the health and character requirements.

Primary visa must have been submitted or decided

Family members cannot be added to a primary visa applicantís TSS visa application after it has been submitted.

A subsequent entrant application should be submitted if the primary visa applicant has already submitted their visa application and you were not included as a family member in their application and:

– Their subclass 457 or TSS visa application is undecided as it is still being processed, or 

– The primary visa applicant has been granted a subclass 457 or a TSS visa and you wish to join them in Australia 

Apply from

You can be in or outside Australia when you apply for the visa and when the Home Affairs decide on your application but not in immigration clearance.

If you are applying in Australia, you must hold:

– A substantive visa, or

– A Bridging visa A, Bridging visa B or Bridging visa C

You might be able to apply even if your substantive visa has a no further stay condition attached to it.

Processing times

The Home Affairs assess applications on a case-by-case basis, and actual processing times can vary due to individual circumstances including:

– Whether you have lodged a complete application, including all necessary supporting documents

– How quickly you respond to any requests for additional information

– How long it takes to perform required checks on the supporting information provided

– How long it takes to receive additional information from external agencies, particularly in relation to health, character, and national security requirements

The Home Affairs might ask for more information. The Home Affairs are not obligated to request further information or documents and can make a decision on the information provided. It is your responsibility to ensure all relevant supporting/evidentiary documentation is attached to your application

Your obligations

You and your family must meet all visa conditions and follow Australian laws.


You can travel outside Australia and return as many times as you want while the visa is valid.

The time you spend outside Australia does not extend the visa.

Visa label

The Home Affairs will digitally link your visa to your passport. You will not get a label in your passport.

If the Home Affairs grant you a visa, they will send you a grant notification letter containing the visa grant number. You can use this number to check your visa details and conditions through VEVO.

Be this age

There is no age requirement for this visa.

Have a partner or parent who holds a subclass 482 or TSS

If your partner or parent holds a 457 and your application is approved, you will be granted a subclass 482.

Be nominated by the primary visa holder’s sponsor

The sponsor with the most recent approved nomination in relation to the primary applicant (or visa holder), must agree (or have agreed) in writing to include you as a family member in the nomination

Have health insurance

You are personally liable for all your healthcare costs while you are in Australia. Health insurance helps limit your financial liability.

You must have adequate health cover for the whole of your intended stay to be granted this visa. Your cover insurance should cover you for medically necessary treatment, including transport. It will be a condition of the visa that you maintain adequate health insurance while you remain in Australia. 

Reciprocal healthcare agreements

Some countries have a reciprocal healthcare agreement with Australia. Find out more from Services Australia about reciprocal healthcare agreement

Meet health requirement

You must meet the health requirement. The results of health examinations are generally valid for 12 months.

Important: You should organise your health examinations upfront before lodging a visa application to reduce processing times. 

Meet character requirement

You and family members aged 16 years and over who apply for the visa with you must meet the character requirement.

Important: if you are sponsored by an accredited sponsor, you are not required to obtain police certificates from countries other than Australia provided you attach a reference from your accredited sponsor confirming that you are of good character and that you have not been convicted of any criminal offences. You must still, however, provide any required Australian police clearances where applicable or when requested to do so.

Be the holder of an appropriate visa

If you are applying in Australia, you must hold:

– A substantive visa or

– A Bridging visa A, Bridging visa B or Bridging visa C

Have complied with previous visa conditions

If you are in Australia at the time of decision, you must have substantially complied with any conditions that apply or applied to your last substantive visa or bridging visa held.

Have not contravened ëpaying for visa sponsorshipí legislative provisions

Paying for visa sponsorship refers to asking for, offering, receiving or providing a benefit in return for a sponsorship related event, whether the event occurs or not. You or any secondary applicants must not have, in the past 3 years, engaged in any such conduct. You may still satisfy this criterion if you have engaged in such conduct, and the Minister considers it reasonable to disregard it.

Not have had a visa cancelled or a previous application refused

You might not be eligible for this visa if you have had a visa cancelled or refused while you were in Australia. Check if visa cancellation affects your eligibility.

Have no debt to the Australian government

If you or any family members (including those who don’t apply for the visa with you) owe the Australian government money, you or they must have paid it back or arranged to pay it back.

Sign the Australian values statement

If you are 18 years of age or older, you must confirm you will respect the Australian way of life and obey Australian laws when you agree to or sign an “Australian Values Statement”.