The clients are son and father, they were holding the visitor visas when they arrived Australia at the first time. And they decide to stay in Australia, so the son needed to apply for a new student visa, but his mother (one of the guardians who still lives in China) went missing. Therefore, it was impossible to have both guardians’ signatures for the visa application.

We managed to help the clients to submit the initial student visa application in August 2020 without the mandatory condition – the mother’s signature. During that time, we helped them to communicate with the lawyers in China in order to have legal documents from the Chinese court, and also communicated with Australian Immigration to explain their situation. They could not get the relevant legal documents ready before their visa expired, so we have explained to the immigration officer the situation and asked for late submission of relevant documents. The submission deadline was extended 4 times, with approval from the case officer. In early Feb 2021 their visas were granted, so now the son can study with his student visa and the father can legally stay with his son in Australia as a guardian.  

The challenging issues in this case:

– the missing party (mother)

– legal documents from the other country during the COVID time, when the actual applicants are not in that country

– communication with Chinese lawyer and Australian Immigration

– explain with the Immigration officer, and ask for extensions for submitting relevant documents 4 times. 

– clients have very complicated family issues (not going to disclose here)

– working on a tight schedule

Our team is committed to helping our clients to identify the most suitable way to obtain an eligible visa and giving them full assistance during the visa application process