Like many Indian students, Miss “A” was holding the Visitor Visa when she came to Australia at the first time. During her visit she decided to stay in Australia. However, for most Indian visitor visa holders it is hard to apply for a student visa, which means her application will most likely been rejected. Because the initial condition does not been preferred, so it is hard to convince a school to give her a study offer. 

We have carefully analysed her situation, and decided we could use her previous work history (She worked as a child care language teacher in India) to build a convincing Resume, and we contacted number of schools to explain her situation and try to show the best side of her in order to get her the school offer. And gladly we got a school offer for her. However, during the Body Check part she failed the test.

Thus, under her visitor insurance it is quite hard to ask her to take any treatment in Australia. We suggested her go back to India to get the treatment, and during this time we helped her to get the Bridging visa B that she can come back when her health condition is qualified. 

She went back to India for 3 months, but COVID became more serious in Australia, so we advised her to come back to Australia before the broader is closed. 5 days after  her arrived Australia again, the broader is closed. 

When she back in India she got the treatment, the body check, and also she got the Australian doctor’s approval for her health status. 

After she got the qualified body check result her application for student visa (Subclass 500) has been granted in Jun 2020.