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LeadingMec (Leading Migration & Education Consulting) is an Adelaide-based migration and education consulting agency. We are dedicated to providing customised migration and education services to our clients from different backgrounds. We have been working closely with migration departments and various educational institutions in Australia to ensure customers' satisfaction at different stages. In our Education sector, we will help you select suitable education institutes (including but not limited to: high school, TAFE, College, universities) and process school applications, school transfer, course remedial, etc. We also provide quality PTE training for students who want to get Skill Assessment and further Visa Applications. We have a Certified Internship Programs that can help you build a competitive career path. Our Migration Services include but are not limited to: Skilled Migration, Family Migration, Employer Sponsored Migration, Business Investment Migration, etc. Our consultants are experienced and dedicated to helping our clients find suitable migration plans and give support through the process. -- Leading Migration & Education Consulting